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By Odin, 06Jul15 0 Gaming, Updates

The forces of the Ordo Imperialis WildStar Chapter gather their forces and plan their strategy, and after numerous attempts clear out the Volatility Lattice. (Datascape 2/9)

By Odin, 30Jun15 0 Gaming, Updates

The imperial domination continues as The Ordo Imperialis conquers Nar Shadaa in the name of the Imperator. Which planet will fall under the reigns of this force next?

By Odin, 16Jun15 0 Gaming, Updates

Imperial domination! There is more than just having to deal with squabbling pirates, or even Revanites on Yavin IV. It took a combined effort of all forces to capture Section X for the glory of the Ordo banner. The Dread… Read More »

By Odin, 13Jun15 0 Gaming, Updates

The might of the Empire was put to the test on a little pirate haven world on the planet Rishi. With the forces of the Empire gathered to face a new threat rising to the galaxy, a quick put down… Read More »

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