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By Wolf Shaman, 13Jun14 0 Events, Gaming

The Ordo Imperialis has officially founded the WildStar chapter for the Dominion on the Pergo Server (NA-PVP)! We’re building our strength and numbers to start tackling Dungeons, Battlegrounds, and roving bands of Exiles in the open world! Dominion or the PVP… Read More »

By Wolf Shaman, 08May14 0 Events, Gaming

WildStar Open Beta is running from May 8th to May 18th. Simply visit Their open beta page to get a key and access!   Feel free to Join us in Vent and on the Nexus Server during the test, as… Read More »

By Wolf Shaman, 12Mar14 0 Gaming

The Arkship is set to Arrive at Nexus on 03JUN14! Pre-Orders will be available on Wednesday, March 19th! (Link) Pre-orders get: Exclusive: Rocket/Spaceship House Exclusive: Housing Trophy Exclusive: In Game Title “Chosen of the Progenitors” Access to upcoming Beta Weekends: Friday,… Read More »

By Wolf Shaman, 08Jan14 0 Gaming

As we roll in to every year, we’re excited to what’s coming in gaming and we have our eyes on new games cresting the horizon for Ordo to plant flags in for 2014. As of current, we have three major… Read More »

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