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By Odin, 31Jan16 0 Events, Gaming

Today Diablo III’s 5th season event began on January 15th. The seasonal event is one where people can create new characters that are mutually exclusive from your normal characters (no shared bank, no paragon levels) and take them on an… Read More »

By Kavia, 26Jan16 0 Events, Gaming

Calling out to all you bounty hunters out there. We have priority one alerts and there are some people with some major prices on their heads. We need you to step forward and take on this challenge and bring in… Read More »

By Odin, 19Jan16 0 Events, Gaming

Deep under the warm sands of Tatooine there lies the Contagion Zone. THORN is doing all that it can to hold the Rakghouls at bay but we need you. With your help we can stop this plague. To enlist just… Read More »

By Kavia, 12Jan16 0 Events, Gaming

Upon Ilum the Gree have once again decided to show their face. We have pushed them from our galaxy on more than one occasion. It’s time to once again fight side by side with our allies and destroy the dangers… Read More »

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