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By Odin, 13Jun15 0 Gaming, Updates

The might of the Empire was put to the test on a little pirate haven world on the planet Rishi. With the forces of the Empire gathered to face a new threat rising to the galaxy, a quick put down… Read More »

By Deadmon, 23Mar15 0 Gaming, Updates

Ordo Imperialis, after a brief battle with roster reinforcements was forced to retreat back to a more civilized server. The Legion was quickly able to conscript a group of trained centurions, and has pushed back into the pit of the… Read More »

By Mercury, 12Feb15 3 Updates Browse our new gaming shop at the Ordo Imperialis for fair and competitive deals on all your favorite game titles. Use the code “OrdoImperialis” to get up to 20% off any item. Join today to earn awards‬, purchase and… Read More »

By Odin, 31Dec14 0 Events, Updates

Our well wishes go out to members, families, and friends of all community members. Happy holidays and a happy new year from The Ordo Imperialis.

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