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By Xoza, 21Dec14 0 Gaming, Updates

Are you a sci-fi or space enthusiast? Do you crave exploration of an open voxel sandbox where you can become your own artisan or engineer, even a galactic warden, marauder, or commander. Do you have what it takes to face an… Read More »

By Xoza, 17Dec14 0 Gaming, Updates

What better way to start off December than everyone firing snowballs at Revan from their flagship! This last month, the 12x experience boost has kept us busy, right up to launch of “The Shadow of Revan”. Now many are working… Read More »

By Odin, 15Nov14 0 Gaming, Updates

Time for some leisurely activities in ArcheAge! Ordo Imperialis just finished its first fisher earlier this week with healthy progress towards its second one. Join us on the Kyrios server for some fun on the high seas.

By Odin, 31Oct14 0 Gaming, Updates

War torn and ravaged by the Galactic War between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire, Corellia has become the target of many to seize and hold for its own glory within both factions, we fight to control Corellia for… Read More »

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