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By Odin, 03Mar16 0 Gaming, Updates

Today the highly anticipated Korean MMO Blade & Soul Black Desert Online launches for North American and European players. BDO is a sandbox-oriented MMO with an action based combat system, featuring mounted combat, trading, fishing, crafting, other standard RPG features,… Read More »

By Odin, 19Feb16 0 Gaming, Updates

Closed Beta Test #2 officially started for Black Desert Online yesterday. This CBT aims to test the cash shop and how many people can you fit on the screen at once. During the beta there will be several events including… Read More »

By Kavia, 09Feb16 0 Gaming, Updates

The next chapter in the sage is here for subscribers. With a two day early release come find out what your old friend Kaliyo Djannis has been up to since your five year slumber. Armed with the alias Firebrand travel the… Read More »

By Odin, 06Feb16 0 Gaming, Updates

The first new content for the MMO Blade & Soul arrives on February 10th. This new content patch includes the first 7 floors of Mushin’s Tower, 5 additional skill points to be earned through Hongmoon levels, Nightshade Harbor (Another open… Read More »

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