By Xoza, 11Nov13 0 Events

To those of and their families who have served or are serving their countries, in any form, across seas, from near to far. For freedom, stability or commitment to a higher value of life. We honor your service and sacrifice,… Read More »

By Afevis, 06Nov13 0 Meetings

Ordo Imperialis, Titan 2009 – 2010 As many of you are likely aware, November 5th marks the date of seven years since the Ordo Imperialis’ banner was first to rise upon the battlefield. Small at the time, but strong, dedicated… Read More »

By Xoza, 02Nov13 0 Gaming

The Ordo Imperialis has a launched a Battlefield 4 server thanks to one of our members great contributions, Siaetto. Join us there for some unique and epic experiences, only in Battlefield 4. Apply today for enlistment, administration or reservations. (Reminder also… Read More »

By Xoza, 23Oct13 1 Gaming

The dawn of the dead soon approaches, or if you camp with us in Chernarus, it’s a part of everyday life already. Visit, join, build, conquer, survive as a team and have a happy halloween.

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