By Xoza, 17Aug13 0 Updates

Thanks to the time, donation and dedication of Akara, Cygna and others, we’re proud to¬†announce the return of merits, medal’s and awards in the new awards system installment now available and viewable on the forums and under your profiles. If… Read More »

By Aryte, 27Jul13 1 Meetings

Good afternoon everyone, Unfortunately, I have to step away this evening. That said, in lieu of an actual meeting, I wanted to take the opportunity to issue a formal statement about the organization and what you can expect in the… Read More »

By Aryte, 27Jul13 0 Meetings

Weekly Recognition Forms Read new ones, celebrating the success of: Angelin, Zigg Draw a new name. Winner is: ARYYE (IE: PS2 Players) Adventure Ahoy Aryte selected for US Army Officer Candidate School. Deploying to training 19AUG13. Plans being made to… Read More »

By Aryte, 20Jul13 0 Meetings

Aryte: – Latest addition to the fine institution that is the United States Army. SWTOR: – Focus for the future discussed. – In game meeting held. Firefall: – Two armies in game. – Leaders needed. STO: – Fleet started. –… Read More »

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