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By Xoza, 31Oct13 0

Tis that time of year, when the dead wander the halls of our adventures. Doorways and clickables provide us with treats to trade. A time where we can dress as our enemies and our friends out of respect or spite… Read More »

By Xoza, 23Oct13 1 Gaming

The dawn of the dead soon approaches, or if you camp with us in¬†Chernarus, it’s a part of everyday life already. Visit, join, build, conquer, survive as a team and have a happy halloween.

By Xoza, 18Oct13 0 Gaming

Are you an avid explorer, raider or dominator of Azeroth? Join us for a new chapter in the World of Warcraft on Sen’jin or across the realms! Fully featured level twentyfive (25) guild and taking applications, join today!

By Xoza, 17Sep13 0 Events, Gaming

Prove your strength on the battlefield of Auraxis with us in the world domination series on Planetside 2. Operation: Right to Rule, enlist today!

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