Author: Deadmon

  • Wildstar: Destination Arcterra

    Wildstar: Destination Arcterra

    Wildstar is releasing new content this spring and summer after a long hibernation since F2P went live. The new content will include a new zone, new gear upgrade system, new salvage system, plenty of new story/costume items, and most importantly…a NEW RAID! Redmoon Terror will be on the PTR in a couple weeks and should…

  • Wildstar: Broodmother Beaten

    Wildstar: Broodmother Beaten

    Ordo Imperialis, after a brief battle with roster reinforcements was forced to retreat back to a more civilized server. The Legion was quickly able to conscript a group of trained centurions, and has pushed back into the pit of the Dreadphage Ohmna where they were victorious in slaying the broodmother. Next battle transmissions: Breaking into…

  • Wildstar: Phageborn Convergence Down

    After only a brief encounter last week, the Dominion heroes of Nexus were able to take down the hardest composition for the Phageborn convergence!

  • Wildstar: Phagetech Prototypes Dismantled

    Wildstar: Phagetech Prototypes Dismantled

    The Ordo Imperialis dismantles the Phagetech Prototypes (4/6 Genetic Archives 20 man raid) to welcome the new year!