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  • STO: Dilithium Weekend Event

    STO: Dilithium Weekend Event

    We are running a special weekend event where you can earn bonus Dilithium Ore by playing content throughout the game! The Dilithium Ore event runs from 9AM PST Thursday, July 14 until 10AM PDT Monday, July 18. During the event, bonus Dilithium Ore will be provided for the following content: Vlugta Asteroid Field: 100% Bonus…

  • TOR: Galactic Conquest

    TOR: Galactic Conquest

    This week The Ordo Imperialis guild on Begeren Colony has conquered, Hoth, its 5th planet across the galaxy. It is only a matter of time until total galactic domination.

  • STO: Temporal Recruits

    STO: Temporal Recruits

    The fight for the future – and the past – is heating up! Prepare to boldly go when no-one has gone before! Federation agents from the 31st century are conducting covert operations to find new recruits. They’ve gone back to the 23rdcentury, in the early days of Starfleet, to find likely candidates. When the new…

  • STO: Agents of Yesterday

    STO: Agents of Yesterday

    To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek, the crew of Star Trek Online could not be prouder to announce our third expansion – Agents of Yesterday – is now live! Prepare your classic Original Series tunics and dust off your Mark II phasers; you’re about to take an away mission to an amazing adventure in that…