Category: Updates

  • BDO: Media Update

    BDO: Media Update

    The Media update is finally out! This update adds over 1,000 new quests, new guild missions/bosses, new NPCs, new cities, new equipment, and much more. The Ordo Imperialis BDO guild continues to grow along with the expansion of the world of BDO.

  • BDO: Large Guild

    BDO: Large Guild

    The Ordo Imperialis guild in Black Desert Online has moved up to the largest size currently available. Soon it will be time to start a second guild. Are you ready for guild wars?

  • TOR: Disavowed

    TOR: Disavowed

    Star Wars: The Old Republic – Knights of the Fallen update has gone live. “Chapter 11: Disavowed”, the content includes a new companion and a new story arc for players to experience. As the Outlander, how will you lead the Republic’s most elite Trooper squad in the war against Emperor Arcann and his Eternal Empire?…

  • The Division: Released

    The Division: Released

    Today Tom Clancy’s The Division launches today after a successful open beta back in February, for those of you that missed it The Division is an open world, 3rd person, co-operative shooter set in a post catastrophe New York City. Will you help take back the city?