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  • Tom Clancy’s The Division: Open Beta

    Tom Clancy’s The Division: Open Beta

    After a catastrophic event in New York City a unit of tactical agents known as The Division are slated with the task of securing and restoring order to the place. Join other agents in this co-operative, open world, 3rd person shooter brought to you by… you know what lets not talk about who is the…

  • Ark: Survival Evolved

    Ark: Survival Evolved

    With the early access release to the highly anticipated island survival game, Ark: Survival Evolved, the Ordo Imperialis has launched an open, dedicated server to bring together tribes and survivors alike. From the start, the server has expanded, remained up to date, stable and fairly friendly with plenty of survivors participating, leveling and surviving and have…

  • Wildstar: Broodmother Beaten

    Wildstar: Broodmother Beaten

    Ordo Imperialis, after a brief battle with roster reinforcements was forced to retreat back to a more civilized server. The Legion was quickly able to conscript a group of trained centurions, and has pushed back into the pit of the Dreadphage Ohmna where they were victorious in slaying the broodmother. Next battle transmissions: Breaking into…

  • Shop: Ordo Games

    Shop: Ordo Games

    Shop.OrdoImperialis.com Browse our new gaming shop at the Ordo Imperialis for fair and competitive deals on all your favorite game titles. Use the code “OrdoImperialis” to get up to 20% off any item. Join today to earn awards‬, purchase and win from ‪‎drawings‬ and ‪‎giveaway‬’s!