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  • TOR: Anarchy in Paradise

    TOR: Anarchy in Paradise

    The next chapter in the sage is here for subscribers. With a two day early release come find out what your old friend Kaliyo Djannis has been up to since your five year slumber. Armed with the alias Firebrand travel the galaxy to recruit her back into the fold. Blizz is also looking for some help…

  • TOR: Bounty Contracts

    TOR: Bounty Contracts

    Calling out to all you bounty hunters out there. We have priority one alerts and there are some people with some major prices on their heads. We need you to step forward and take on this challenge and bring in those wanted for questioning. Several of them are wanted for crimes against the Mandalorians, Empire,…

  • Journey the Stars

    Journey the Stars

    Star Citizen: [gameinfo title=”Game Info” game_name=”Star Citizen” developers=”Cloud Imperium Games, Behaviour Interactive, CGBot, voidALPHA” publishers=”Cloud Imperium Games” platforms=”Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux” genres=”Science Fiction MMO space combat shooter” release_date=”2015 (Est)”] Organizations are now live! These are groups that can be formed like clans, guilds or communities under RSI’s mainframe. With the Ordo Imperialis aspiring interests and future…