02FEB13: Weekly Meeting

Operation Performance

  • Solid turnout for yesterday’s mission on PS2; looking forward to tonight’s.
  • Continuing to push basic mastery elements: use of numbers for call-sign, distribution of force, etc.
  • Opportunity still exists for individuals wishing to lead squads: simply volunteer, there’s no detriment to be had.

Rank Evaluation / Roster Consolidation

  • In the near future, ranks will be finally re-evaluated and a core roster developed.
  • A bit of a challenging task, due to our distribution among games.
  • Lot more decentralized than what we were used to on SL.
  • Probability that initial elevations will even be passed on to individual unit commanders: ex; platoon lead can issue commendation people up to E-3, etc.
  • Still trying to figure the best way to handle the actually publication of ranks– forums, database, etc.

The Uphill Battle

  • General post-SL fugue. Sentiment that I believe many share: SL was a lot of work, trying our damndest to avoid a lot of work here.
  • Reality? Any group building will be work.
  • However, going to focus on simply feeling out what’s out there, recruit, and shaking off years of SL based habits.
  • Not going to be overly sensitive about “pulling weight;” going to give officers until 01MAR13 to select their area of interest to be afforded their position.
  • Group will certainly continue building, but a brief respite is likely a solid idea to let folks simply take a breath after a long run.
  • In short: we’ll worry about recruitment and grasping what’s facing us in our new adventure, then start worrying more about structure and formality.

Light Hearted Events Pending

  • Flash races across Indar? Probably.
  • Going to be offering up SC for winners. Should be totally ridiculous but entertaining.






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