STO: Crystalline Event!

For the next three weeks, from May 19th at 9:00 AM PT to June 9th at 10:00AM PT, Federation, Klingon, and Romulan Republic Captains between levels 50-60 can queue up for our 10-captain “Crystalline Cataclysm” event to defeat the Crystalline Entity and earn one Crystal Shard every 20 hours. After collecting 14 of them, players can complete a new Event Reputation project to be rewarded with 50,000 Dilithium Ore, 500 Fleet Marks, 250 Marks of their choice (Fleet, Omega, Romulan, Nukara, Dyson, Undine, Delta, Iconian or Terran Marks), and the new Crystalline Absorption Matrix Console!

Adapted from crystalline matter salvaged from shards of crystalline entities, this matrix is able to absorb incoming energy damage when engaged. The matrix uses absorbed energy to fire and amplify highly focused Matter Conversion Beams at multiple targets which are capable of piercing through ships.

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