Neverwinter: CTA: Storm the Keep Returns!

“The Blackdagger Bandits are ruthless when it comes to raiding ships for their cargo. Smugglers in that area get hit especially hard…not that I would know since I’m definitely not a smuggler…” – Nali Hexthorne, Definitely Not a Smuggler

Like a cannonball through the side of a merchant’s galleon, the Call to Arms: Storm the Keep event has returned to Neverwinter with a bang! Malus Blackdagger and his roguish band of mariners have been ransacking ships along the Sword Coast for too long and it’s time to show them how we deal with pirates on the Sword Coast…repeatedly!

Let the storming begin on: Thursday, June 2 at 7AM PT
The bandits will leave on: Monday, June 6 at 10AM PT

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