TOR: Dark vs. Light

The Dark vs. Light Event goes live on June 28th! Joining the event is easy, quick, and fun; simply create a new Level 1 character, on or after June 28th.

Once you have your Dark vs. Light character, playing through the event is a great way to explore the Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ galaxy. The event rewards and objectives are built into six levels. As you complete each level’s objectives, you will earn amazing rewards including titles, mounts, armor sets, and Force-Bound Dark vs. Light packs.

One special reward will help in progressing your journey through the event. The Victorious Pioneer’s Armor set will provide an amazing 50% Experience Boost when you are wearing the complete set! You will earn the set in three parts, from Legacy Level through Champion Level. Check later in this blog for all of the details on how to unlock the Victorious Pioneer’s Armor set.

For details on completing the objectives in each level, please visit that level’s guide by clicking the link below:

Heroic Level
Legacy Level
Valiant Level
Champion Level
Eternal Level
Legendary Level







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