TSW: 4th Anniversary

  • The 10 Guardians of Gaia have re-emerged in all major adventure zones! Plus, get ready to see red: The Lunar Guardian reclaims its territory within Fusang Projects!
  • All Guardians now provide three tiers of rewards based on your contribution to its defeat: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Hop into the #event channel (by typing /chat join #event into your chat window) and get those hands bloody!
  • Agartha features a newly re-opened portal that transports you to Deep Agartha.   Here, a new drop from the Guardians may be used to summon manifestations of their anger.
  • Once you have all 10 Guardians’ manifestations gathered, the ritual begins…and the Gatekeeper is summoned. Thus begins a never-before-seen 40-person raid encounter with new rewards to reap!
  • This event begins June 29th and runs through July 13th!







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