09MAR13 – Weekly Meeting

Planning Ahead: ARMA

  • ARMA III alpha released.
  • Previously, Ordo had a strong ARMA II presence.
  • Looking forward to rekindling that fire in the new rendition.
  • We will definitely host our own server and pursue a competitive game play style– against bots and players.
  • ARMA, keep in mind, is typically slanted toward more close knit and “hard core” gameplay.
  • Will attempt to pool together loose alpha keys once more of us buy the entrance pack and provide them out to interested members.

Preparing for “Elite” Squads: All Units

  • Initially rolling the idea out on Planetside in the form of Invictus.
  • Invictus, for those unaware, is one of the original elite teams for the Ordo.
  • Focuses on esprit de corps, fun, but functional gameplay.
  • As time goes on and the plans are properly prepared, each game chapter will pick up an additional “elite” section known as the Guard.
    • Guard will be more regimented, “hard core” game play styled.
    • Guard will not replace any pre-existing unit opportunities– ex: Invictus on PS2.
  • Initial thought: there will not be a restriction on how many units one can feasibly join. It will be up to the individual to choose and meet the specific requirements of each. Example:
    • Soldier X joins Invictus, enjoys participating in their scheduled missions on Y and Z days.
    • Soldier X decides he has more free time and also joins the Guard.
    • Soldier X now needs to balance his time between both assignments, training missions, and expectations. Soldier X will be permitted to maintain membership in both units, provided there isn’t a major time conflict or demonstrated inability to participate in both.
    • Soldier X may have to eventually pick one or the other if their scheduled events start to overlap.
    • The intent: allow freedom of choice and for members to decide how involved he or she may be in any given platform. More assignments = more time commitment expected. Additionally, encourages units to be active and appealing to members.

Codex Revision






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