16MAR13 – Weekly Meeting


  •     Chapter commands: please prepare a roster of your standing personnel by next Saturday.
  •     We will formulate a centralized area to house the information.
  •     Rank assignments: please notate next to each individual (if not already ranked) what your SG recommendation for them would be.
  •     See the codex for the authority levels (service grades).

Service Tickets

  •     A definite and simple way to keep track of requests.
  •     Multiple servers, multiple chapters . . . lot of administrative overhead to handle.
  •     Final product may be handled through database, or in a queue system.
  •     For now, please PM me directly on the forums with anything that needs my attention (and isn’t a show stopper). This includes adding forum permissions, adding areas to the forums, questions, posts, et cetera.
  •     This will allow me to handle these throughout the day when I have a free moment, instead of pausing continually in the midst of X or Y to fulfill a request in voice. IE: Aryte, please move Bob to enlisted on the forums.
  •     Recommending that any other chapter lead (or administrator) adopt this process, until we have a centralized work queue.
  •     This does not replace any existing forum thread queues (ex: white list request for MC).

Open Floor: What’s goin’ on?

  •     Questions? Concerns?
  •     Plans for the future?
  •     Experiences with the Ordo thus far?
  •     Anything you’d like to see a reality?

Xoza’s notes

  • Website media – We’ve a website, we like to show off our adventures, post em here!
  • Forums members – In the last week, we’ve had 6 register. Doing well, last week was a little higher, keep spreading the word.
  • Teamspeak – Slightly different layout, Permissions are now only needed to join the Admin channels and combat operations.
  • Social Communities – Remember, we have Facebook group / page, Google+ community / page, and Steam Community.
  • Involvement – We’re always keeping an eye out for managers, leaders, artists and talent for various side jobs to help out with the community and sections within. If you’re interested in pitching in, say so!

Firefox’s notes

  • Arma 3 Alpha server is online. Information is posted here.
  • Arma XML file has been set up and operational. Information is posted here.
  • Please vote for our PS2 board here.
  • Keep in mind we are looking for members who play any game. We are not restricted to just a few.






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