23MAR13 – Weekly Meeting

Operation recap:

  •             New PS2 patch is pretty nifty.
  •             Downside: Vanu lancer is massively overpowered.
  •             Odin has so graciously recorded it (and my bitching) for all to see.
  •             Looking forward to another go this evening– same time, same place. 6:30, right after we are through here.


  •             Last week, it was requested that the various chapters prepare rosters and designate service grades for various members.
  •             Please post said rosters on your respective forum areas and forward me a link in PM.
  •             Will compile a singular, unified roster thereafter.

What motivates you?

  •             General question to all members: what encourages you to play?
  •             Specific time slots? Reward opportunities?
  •             What sort of rewards would you be interested in?
  •             How would you like to see rewards earned– time spent, skill, etc?






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