30MAR13 – Weekly Meeting

  • Appointments
    • By next week’s meeting, the official heads of the various chapters will be formalized.
    • List posted on the officer forums.
    • May see some rearrangement and assignment to previously vacant posts.
    • Will likely be appointing a couple additional members of the command staff.
    • Officers will be responsible for each individual area, including:
      • Recruitment.
      • Forming their own administrative corps (as needed).
      • Appointment of ranks up to SG2 (SG3, the NCO role, will need consensus).
    • Inactive discharge of officers not around.
  • Calendar Functional
    • Thank you technology gurus: the calendar is back and functional.
    • We will be using it frequently! Please check it to keep track of group events. Everyone will have the capability to post– so if you have an upcoming guild function, get it on there!
    • Abuse the function, lose the function. Don’t be silly.






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