13APR13 – Weekly Meeting

  • Freeeeeeeeeeeeedom!
    • Sorry for my scarcity over the last couple of weeks . . .
    • Been running amok doing wedding stuff — I was the best man.
    • Never again — if anyone ever offers it to you, decline.
    • Seriously, just don’t. Weddings are miserable. (Just kidding. Maybe.)


  • Service Grades
    • SG / Service Grades – our version of “ranks.”
    • SG is a fancy term for rank, actually . . .
    • Grade/ranks will be appointed to all members — full list is on the codex.
    • The vast majority of you already have a SG, but probably don’t know it.
    • In the process of compiling a master roster. Some of you can already find yourself listed on the “core roster” listed under Community Policy.
    • SG intended to be a simple way of distinguishing individuals in roles; however, it is not intended to really restrict folks from doing “stuff.”
    • Most casual players will land in the SG-2 bracket. Folks with command roles (platoon lead, raid lead, etc) will likely land SG-3 bracket. SG-4 — large platoon leads, major operation leads, administrators. SG-5 major administration, overall chapter command.
    • Elevation based on participation and prowess: example, an SG-2 individual who shows interest (and regularly leads squads) would be bumped up to SG-3.
  • Officer Billets
    • All officers assigned at this time! Final list is as follows:
      • Afevis Sodertelge – OMJ / SWOC – ARMA Specific
      • Agares Tretiak – SWOC Command / ARMA
      • Arokh Takakura – OMJ Command / PS2 Euro Command
      • Disembodied Hand – OTD Command / Social Media Administration / PS2 Command
      • Firefox Breed – General Administration
      • Huttser Ishelwood – PS2 Command / ARMA
      • Inoue Katsu – Systems Administration
      • Intus Infinity – OIT / System Root Admin / Development Coordinator
      • Keller Teichmann – OMI Command / Blacklight Chapter Command / PS2 Squad Leadership
      • Kyra Vixen – GW2 / General Administration
      • Nikki4 Aquitaine – OIT / System Root Admin / Development Coordinator
      • Riff Petrov – GW2 Executive Officer
      • Shizzerk Kostolany – GW2 Chapter Lead
      • Wolfshaman Warrior – General administration / Planetside 2 Command
      • Xoza Tyron – SWTOR Chapter Lead / Chapter Origination Command / Social Media Command
      • Zero Itamae – OTD






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