04MAY13 – Weekly Meeting

Planetside Update
– Harasser is a great addition to arsenal.
– Fits our fighting style very nicely: hit fast, hit hard, avoid enemy reinforcements.
– Recommend running a pack of them this evening and hunt enemy armor.

Chapter Leadership
– Happy to announce we have nominated a new chapter leader.
– He has been with us for some time now, lending a hand on multiple games.
– Many of you know him for his awesome videos.
– Odin, congratulations! Cordially invited to head up the NWN adventures/involved in more of our leadership mischief.
– You can turn it down, but we will ridicule you.

Random Prizes
– To promote participation and promote teamwork.
– Google doc form being made.
– Simply fill it out, detail who did what . . .
– Will replace “recognize comrade” thread.
– Someone will be picked at random every meeting.
– May additionally pick people at random for particularly awesome feats.
– Station cash, gems, in world items . . . Etc.

Out of Town
– Next week there will be no weekly meeting, as I’ll be out of town.
– Be sure to host some epic battles and have a good time!






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