18MAY13 – Weekly Meeting

  • Recognition System: Online

    • As mentioned a couple of weeks ago . . .

    • Easy way to recognize accomplishments of one another.

      • Anything from “had a great event, helped a lot” to recognizing ongoing contributions to the group.

    • Form will be published this evening on the forums.

    • Will begin drawing names once we reach at least five recommendations.

    • Selections will be announced and receive a gift of their choice during weekly meetings.

    • Gifts will include station cards, in world currencies (as permissible), etc.

  • Application Changes

    • Moving away from the database third party site.

    • Formerly used the aforementioned heavily during our SL period.

      • More tailored to a single platform, as we could easily reach out to individuals. Furthermore, requires SL to be able to register individuals.

      • We will give it another look once Firefox returns from Kuwait.

    • Decided to simplify and add the process the forums– helps ensure people sign up, gives us an easy way to get in contact, and streamlines it into one bucket.

    • Will continue to honor the old application system until the forums have caught on.

    • http://forums.ordoimperialis.com/index.php/forum/187-enlistment-office/

  • Enlistment Status

    • The general process has been to move individuals to “enlisted” on the forums after a period of about two weeks of participation.

    • If for some reason you’ve reached two weeks, but we’ve totally neglected to bump you up– let someone know!

    • “Enlisted” status gives access to a few additional forum features, including some member only sections of the forums.

  • Hey, so about operation conduct . . .

    • Speaking Planetside (and FPS) specific: operational conduct is all too important.

    • Everyone here is playing to have a good time, but some basic functionality needs to be used.

    • For the most part, we all do incredibly well– but reminders from time to time are always good.

    • First: keep it frosty. No need to get into open air debates about X while bullets are flying.

    • Second: keep it simple. No one needs detailed descriptions of everything going on. Say what needs to be said to help the team and then move on.

    • Third: celebrate your successes, but avoid complaints. We are all guilty of groaning from time to time, but there’s no need to hammer on something. If today just isn’t your day for getting kills, try not to bring everyone else down by constantly reminding them that you’re having a bad time.

    • Lastly: follow the chief, unless you are the chief. At any given time, the platoon leader is in charge. Sometimes, squad leads will be given orders to be autonomous. Aside from them, no one else should be shouting orders. Contradictions confuse. Stick with the pack, even if you aren’t confident in the plan. If you want to play solo, go play solo. Don’t be a lone wolf in a group effort.






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