08JUN13 – Weekly Meeting

  • General Updates
    • Various chapter check ins: Warframe, SWTOR, NWN, PS2.
    • Progress on ARMA routine.
      • Anything that needs to be mentioned regarding scheduling of events?
  • Exploring Options for Titan
    • Still considering what to do “with” Titan on SL.
    • Considering the cost effectiveness, tier vs. returns.
    • Outstanding issue remains build progress.
  • Recognition Forms
    • Recognizing: Keller, Huttser, Aryte, Keller.
    • Drawing (random dice roll): Demonis won; #3.
    • Winner picks their prize!
  • Applications
    • Strong intake: thank you to everyone helping there!
    • Officers, be sure you know how to accept others.
      • We all need to play a part in doing so!






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