20JUL13 – Weekly Meeting

Weekly Recognition Forms

  • Read new ones, celebrating the success of: Angelin, Zigg
  • Draw a new name. Winner is: ARYYE (IE: PS2 Players)

Adventure Ahoy

  • Aryte selected for US Army Officer Candidate School.
  • Deploying to training 19AUG13.
  • Plans being made to ensure group functions continue without a hitch.
  • No issues anticipated: the core command team has things handled very well.
  • Contingencies will be enacted, with some basic voting rules to permit officers to make “Aryte level decisions” in his absence.

Expansion and Reductions

  • Experiencing rapid growth in other platforms– Firefall, for example.
  • Inactive chapters will be moved back to a “mustering” status as necessary.
  • Intent: ensure we actively represent a realistic image, rather than give folks the wrong impression.
  • Example: check the Chapter Archive section of the forums.


  • We received an official shout out from the Planetside 2 Twitter account.
  • Activity remains pretty solid.
  • Missions to continue as normal while I am here.
  • Please, please make sure we keep up the steam after 19AUG13 — we have made such a great impact on this platform!






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