27JUL13 – Weekly Meeting

Good afternoon everyone,

Unfortunately, I have to step away this evening. That said, in lieu of an actual meeting, I wanted to take the opportunity to issue a formal statement about the organization and what you can expect in the coming months.

For any of you that have been paying attention, this is really not a huge surprise. For those of you who have been hiding, well, you’re probably not even reading this! I digress, August 4th will be my last day on the internet for somewhere between three to six months. I report on that Sunday to the airport, in order to hop a long flight over to Fort Benning, GA to begin my career in the US Army.

At a baseline, I will be entirely out of contact for the first ten weeks. It is possible (and probable) that I will have internet access during my officer training, but it is hard to tell how much time will really be there for me to putz around. That said, just assume that I am going to be missing for six months. If I pop in before that, consider it a surprise! Haha.

I have been working my ass off toward this goal for several years now. To be certain, it is surreal to realize it is finally here and a reality. Although I am anxious to be leaving you all for such a long period of time, I am absolutely confident in your ability as a group to “keep it together.” Follow your officers, follow your hearts, and have a good time. While I am gone, it will be status quo. Some poor officer will host the meeting weekly, and the officer corps will have methods in place to make executive level decisions in my absence.

Above all else, remember you are all here to have fun with friends. There’s no incident, no feud, no bullshit great enough that should erode the pure simplicity of the fact you are all great people here to share some time with other great people.

Keep it civil and be adults. That’s all you’ve got to do.

With that out of the way, I have like six days or so before my life changes something fierce. With whatever free time I have, I intend to  binge the crap out of Planetside 2 (and other shooters). Who is with me?

Thank you,







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  1. Phares Avatar

    Congrats Aryte, hope you’ll be able to post updates on your career..

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