The Legion Rises – Elder Scrolls Online

[gameinfo title=”Game Info” game_name=”Elder Scrolls Online” developers=”ZeniMax Online Studios” publishers=”Bethesda Softworks” platforms=”PC / PS4-XB1″ genres=”Fantasy MMORPG” release_date=”April 4, 2014 / June 30, 2014″]
We are off to the fields of battle once more! The Elder Scrolls early start week has finally arrived, and the Ordo Imperialis is in the thick of the mayhem in full force. We have big ambitions for this venue, with the confidence and the experience to back it up.

We offer a well rounded, mature community, with over eight years worth of infrastructure and practice in competitive team oriented performance. There is a slice of life for everyone–be it hardcore PVP, dungeon crawls, or just casual game-play. All we are lacking is you. Come give us a shot! Genuinely, there is nothing the Ordo appreciates more than having even more great individuals to interact with.

No doubt, there are plenty of other guilds and communities out there reaching to gobble up new members. Some of them might very well have all the same tools of the trade we offer. Others may even be as old as us. But I promise you, there are not many who will treat you as “one of us” the moment you walk in our virtual door. There are no cliques, no in and out groups, no cool kids clubs. Every member, from day one, is an equal and will be respected as such without exception.

So, how about it? We’ve got a Ruby Throne to claim and a whole lot of exploring to do! We’d love to have you along.






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  1. Johann Avatar

    Kinda makes me want to buy ESO…

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