ArmA 2

Ever wanted to try out serious tactical ARMA 2 gameplay but all anyone ever did was DayZ? Are you interested in trying to Kidnap French Diplomats as Somali Pirates, or Rescue them as French Special Forces? Perhaps you want to assault Chechan hideouts as Soviet Motostrelski, or retake Fallujah as the US Marines.

Well if any of this sounds interesting to you, come check out the Organized ARMA 2 gameplay every Sunday starting at 3/4pm CST! Consisting of a ton of custom Coop and Team vs Team missions created by members and friends, the ARMA 2 Sunday games are an awesome place to play real tactical ARMA 2 games complete with a full range of realism mods including ACRE Radio and Proximity sound, Islands like Duala Africa and Celle Britain, and cool gun packs like the Robert Hammer Blufor and Opfor weaponry mods. The ARMA 2 Sunday games have been gaining popularity and we are heading into our 5th weekend of games.

Check out the video below for some cool gameplay footage. Our camera guy is still working on his setup so it has a bit of lag on his end, but you can get a general idea.

So if you are interested in raiding the slums of Mexico as Federales fighting the Cartels, or patrolling the jungles of Vietnam, or maybe fighting the IRA or British in Northern Ireland then drop by the ARMA 2 sections of the forums to check out the serious ARMA Sunday games and for the setup guide (please run prior to Sunday, as it is not complex, but the server does have a large number of required mods to download). If you have any questions, you can poke one of the folks running the show and we can help you out.

-Sekh, SG-4 ArmA 2






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