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  • TOR: Quesh Conquered

    TOR: Quesh Conquered

    A planet in shambles but still in tack. One group stands alone on this broken planet, through death and carnage into a fight for life this group has risen above to conquer this world. Fallen Jedi, Sith, and factions alike clutter the surrounding area. Amongst the floor they lie in defeat while the inhabitants of…

  • TOR: Galactic Conquest VI

    TOR: Galactic Conquest VI

    The bodies heaped in the green and yellow sludge of Taris as the warriors of Ordo Imperialis cut them down. The hand of Death pricked the enemy one by one in the eye or the back of the neck as they scattered in panic from the invisible threat. Others were doused with fire from above…

  • WS: Raid Clear!

    WS: Raid Clear!

    The Ordo Imperialis guild in WildStar has downed Avatus last night after months and months of roster boss wipes, regular wipes, and training up new faces. Great job to our whole team for pulling it out. We have been close for a while and finally getting over that last hump is a huge relief for everyone.…

  • TOR: Galactic Conquest

    TOR: Galactic Conquest

    This week The Ordo Imperialis guild on Begeren Colony has conquered, Hoth, its 5th planet across the galaxy. It is only a matter of time until total galactic domination.