TOR: Quesh Conquered

A planet in shambles but still in tack. One group stands alone on this broken planet, through death and carnage into a fight for life this group has risen above to conquer this world.

Fallen Jedi, Sith, and factions alike clutter the surrounding area. Amongst the floor they lie in defeat while the inhabitants of the planet Quesh cheer. This once a planet of war now a calming silence as we walk the blood stained floor, we have prevailed. Through saber clashes and blaster rounds that rang in the night we fought for more than just our lives, we fought to conquer. We defeated the best they could throw at us, we survived and won without a shadow of a doubt and will succeed again. This day we rest but tomorrow we fight again to conquer all that stands before us….

The Ordo Imperialis rule once again, wounded but far from defeated we stand alone as the victors.

Ordo Imperialis would like to thank and congratulate the members who went above and beyond the call of duty.

Thank you for all your contributions!
May the force be with you!

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