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  • Shop: Ordo Games

    Shop: Ordo Games

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  • Wildstar: Phageborn Convergence Down

    After only a brief encounter last week, the Dominion heroes of Nexus were able to take down the hardest composition for the Phageborn convergence!

  • Wildstar: Phagetech Prototypes Dismantled

    Wildstar: Phagetech Prototypes Dismantled

    The Ordo Imperialis dismantles the Phagetech Prototypes (4/6 Genetic Archives 20 man raid) to welcome the new year!

  • Black November – 2014 (Eight Years)

    Black November – 2014 (Eight Years)

    November 5th, 2006; the Ordo Imperialis formed as a small group with big goals in mind. Dedicated to bringing a new outlook to the field of battle, a new soldier, member and comrade, refined, experienced and loyal to the death for the cause, his brotherhood and in the name of his Imperator. Today marks the…