Black November – 2014 (Eight Years)

November 5th, 2006; the Ordo Imperialis formed as a small group with big goals in mind. Dedicated to bringing a new outlook to the field of battle, a new soldier, member and comrade, refined, experienced and loyal to the death for the cause, his brotherhood and in the name of his Imperator. Today marks the eighth year anniversary, all the while we continue to grow, learn and march forward. Our history begins to seem endless in addition to our experience as we continue to serve under the Ordo standard.

While one year closes, another shall open bringing upon a new age of soldiers whom shall burn the lands with the might of the Ordo and it’s brotherhood. Our evolution is endless, we shall become unstoppable together through any obstacle. Our ascension shall be inevitable.

Train us and we will learn, challenge us and we will overcome, nothing is impossible. Join us and embody excellence in all we strive to be. Be proud to be part of the Ordo Imperialis, It has come a long way and has much more to go. It takes continued dedication and devotion to build strength from every one of you. Welcome to another year of the Ordo. Fly the banner high with honor and crush thy enemies underfoot.

“To you, soldiers of the Ordo Imperialis, old and new. Never forget the dignity and grace in which you enter combat, never allow yourself to waver or to lose yourselves to lesser emotions such as anger, envy, or hate. Always proudly bear your armor, and never sully it. Stay true to the tennets of the Ordo Imperialis, to your allies around you, with whom you serve every day. And without, there would be no Ordo to serve in. ” – Taffa Markova





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