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  • Black November – 2014 (Eight Years)

    Black November – 2014 (Eight Years)

    November 5th, 2006; the Ordo Imperialis formed as a small group with big goals in mind. Dedicated to bringing a new outlook to the field of battle, a new soldier, member and comrade, refined, experienced and loyal to the death for the cause, his brotherhood and in the name of his Imperator. Today marks the…

  • The Old Republic: Galactic Conquest

    The Old Republic: Galactic Conquest

    Welcome aboard the ISS Vesperia, the flagship of Ordo Imperialis. With the introduction of Conquests and Strongholds, the Ordo SW:TOR chapter has begun to build up their conquest points in order to spread the guilds influence. There is always someone around so get your rear in gear and come help Ordo conquer the galaxy.

  • Planetside 2: Flight of the Valkyries

    Planetside 2: Flight of the Valkyries

    The Valkyrie, a 6 man aircraft, with 4 rumble seats, a pilot and a gun. It took flight a couple of weeks ago, and this weekend it got buffed. So join the Ordo Imperialis on the Emerald server and fly across the skies of Auraxis.

  • Upcoming adventures!

    Upcoming adventures!

    New releases, betas and more! With the new release of the beta for Renegade X, the upcoming release of Titanfall and the beta weekend for Elder Scrolls online, we will be as active as ever as we explore these new frontiers! Renegade X A remake after the original Westwood Studios’ Command and Conquer; Renegade; Renegade…