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By Xoza, 17Dec14 0 Gaming, Updates

What better way to start off December than everyone firing snowballs at Revan from their flagship! This last month, the 12x experience boost has kept us busy, right up to launch of “The Shadow of Revan”. Now many are working… Read More »

By Xoza, 05Nov14 0 Events

November 5th, 2006; the Ordo Imperialis formed as a small group with big goals in mind. Dedicated to bringing a new outlook to the field of battle, a new soldier, member and comrade, refined, experienced and loyal to the death… Read More »

By Xoza, 13Oct14 0 Gaming, Updates

We are reporting a successful encounter against the beast designated as X-89 in the Genetic Archives. As always, the Dominion will prevail against such scrabble, especially faced against the odds of the Ordo Imperialis chapter of Wildstar’s Nexus. While it… Read More »

By Xoza, 26Jan14 0 Gaming

Star Citizen: Organizations are now live! These are groups that can be formed like clans, guilds or communities under RSI’s mainframe. With the Ordo Imperialis aspiring interests and future plans for Star Citizen, we too have created an organization open… Read More »

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