The Old Republic: Acquisitions, Updates & Holiday events!

What better way to start off December than everyone firing snowballs at Revan from their flagship!

This last month, the 12x experience boost has kept us busy, right up to launch of “The Shadow of Revan”. Now many are working their way up to level 60, acquiring new gear, running the new flashpoints and pushing through the new operations. Thanks to the continuous donations from the guild and community, especially Thectelo who donated over half toward the Republic Flagship and was given the opportunity to name the ship, The Soul Reaver. This week the life day event started; watch out, you can’t walk anywhere without getting pelted with snowballs! The life day vendors and items are available this time of year and achievements can only be earned at this time.

Aside from the updates from the Old Republic, several other games have also started their winter events. DC Universe Online, Star Trek Online, The Steam Sales, World of Warcraft and so much more! Join us and enjoy this holiday together!






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