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Holiday Gaming

Tis that time of year again, where we get some extra days off to play more games! Starting last week there’s been plenty going on.  We had our Double XP weekend events on Planetside 2. The World of Warcraft chapter is really kicking up the activity along with the next expansion announcement. Next generation consoles have been released and we’ve a chapter for that! Star Wars: The Old Republic‘s double XP week starts today and the new “Galactic Star Fighter” is coming the beginning of next month. Plenty of updates from Star Citizen, Wildstar and the Next Everquest! A new Star Wars Galaxies chapter and city is quickly growing and quite a few of us had the honor of testing and contributing to the Elder Scrolls Online beta.

We’re pretty busy people, so expect more to come closer to the holidays, as they like to do event’s, specials and releases ingame. Enjoy the start of your holidays and be safe out there! Every member who’s participated with the community this month will be receiving the Black November merit in recognition for your service and another good year of our founding.



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