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New Year, New Ventures!

As we roll in to every year, we’re excited to what’s coming in gaming and we have our eyes on new games cresting the horizon for Ordo to plant flags in for 2014. As of current, we have three major games on our radar: Titanfall, Elder Scrolls Online, and Wildstar. 

Elder Scrolls Online (ESO): Set to release on 04APR14, We are currently in the process of organizing our army to land on the shores of Tamriel. We currently have signups located on our forums. Take up arms and follow the Imperator as we lay siege to Cyrodiil!

Star Citizen (SC): Though it’s official release isn’t until next year, Star Citizen has plenty of content rolling out this year we’ll be plenty active in. Most of our members were proud to participate and contribute to Star Citizens kickstarter and are anticipating something epic by 2015. If you’re interested in our organization, you’re free to poke any of our threads about it.

Titanfall (TF): On 11MAR14 Mechs will fall from the sky. The Ordo will dust off our jetpacks and combat drop from dropships once again. Jetpack Parkour your way into a Mech for the Imperator Today! Enlist in the Ordo Imperialis: Titanfall chapter! Contact Kellervo on our forums or TS for more information and keep an eye on the forums for upcoming announcements!

Wildstar: While no official release date has yet been announced, the Ordo is mustering to depart on the Arkship for the planet Nexus! Book your tickets here and keep an eye out for more announcements and how you can help secure the planet for the Dominion!

Keep an eye out for giveaways, we’re looking for some fun and creative ways to give out free stuff! Also, if you’re interested in any of our current chapters, leadership or aim to create a new chapter with us. Introduce yourself, visit and let us know. We’re always open to and supportive of expansion, we can train you, help you out and get you started.

Welcome to 2014, Adventus!





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