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  • The Old Republic: Acquisitions, Updates & Holiday events!

    The Old Republic: Acquisitions, Updates & Holiday events!

    What better way to start off December than everyone firing snowballs at Revan from their flagship! This last month, the 12x experience boost has kept us busy, right up to launch of “The Shadow of Revan”. Now many are working their way up to level 60, acquiring new gear, running the new flashpoints and pushing…

  • Planetside 2: Flight of the Valkyries

    Planetside 2: Flight of the Valkyries

    The Valkyrie, a 6 man aircraft, with 4 rumble seats, a pilot and a gun. It took flight a couple of weeks ago, and this weekend it got buffed. So join the Ordo Imperialis on the Emerald server and fly across the skies of Auraxis.

  • ArcheAge: Set Sail!

    ArcheAge: Set Sail!

    The Ordo Imperialis will be heading to ArcheAge on the Kyrios server as the Western faction. Sail across the seas to trade supplies, slay pirates, raid the other faction, or engage in massive player vs player conflicts. Take part in huge boss fights and battle your way through challenging dungeons. Don’t like to fight? No…

  • Wildstar: Nexus Landing

    Wildstar: Nexus Landing

    The Ordo Imperialis has officially founded the WildStar chapter for the Dominion on the Pergo Server (NA-PVP)! We’re building our strength and numbers to start tackling Dungeons, Battlegrounds, and roving bands of Exiles in the open world! Dominion or the PVP ruleset not your cup of tea? No worries, Soon we’ll be founding our Exile Chapter…