ArcheAge: Set Sail!

The Ordo Imperialis will be heading to ArcheAge on the Kyrios server as the Western faction. Sail across the seas to trade supplies, slay pirates, raid the other faction, or engage in massive player vs player conflicts. Take part in huge boss fights and battle your way through challenging dungeons. Don’t like to fight? No problem, settle down by building a house and a farm in the open world sandbox of ArcheAge. Come join the Ordo Imperialis in ArcheAge whether you like PVP, PVE, crafting, or just farming on the homestead; we have something for you.

Hop on our Teamspeak, join our forums, and be apart of the Ordo Imperialis empire in ArcheAge.







3 responses to “ArcheAge: Set Sail!”

  1. PRETTYFLY Avatar

    Hey guys ive been a part of ORDO Imp on the Alpha Server and really want to join u guys again so if valos are able to add me on steam (PRETTYFLY) would be great! TY

    1. Michael Avatar

      Hey there Pretty Fly, I’ll pass your message along to Valos, glad to have you aboard!

    2. Michael Avatar

      Valos said there were like 300+ Prettyfly on Steam, so if he didn’t pick the right one it would be a lot easier if you signed up on

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