Community: Rank Update

As of this last week, thanks to Wolf Shaman and others, the ranks and structure has been overhauled to a more defined level. Where do you see your future in the Ordo? Set those goals, contribute and rise above in a role of leadership and devotion to the community and it’s members or master the field of battle as a legionnaire under the Imperator’s command!

There are now a total of six (6) ranks. Three (3) member ranks and three (3) staff ranks. With the new structure, individuals may rise through the ranks by being a member of the community and contributing with little but loyalty as a requirement. But if don’t want to stop there and wish to take up the banner of the Ordo Imperialis, command the troops and enhance their membership as staff, the flag stands waiting. Staff dedicate themselves to the community it’s goals and it’s members by assisting everyday tasks and leading their respective sections.





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  1. Kullastia Avatar

    This is different than what you guys had before but sometimes change is good. I look forward to learning more and more about Ordo and enjoying the time I spend with you guys. You all are great and it’s a privilege to be a part of the family. Keep up the good improvements.

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