StarMade Trailer Screen-capture

Exploring StarMade

Are you a sci-fi or space enthusiast? Do you crave exploration of an open voxel sandbox where you can become your own artisan or engineer, even a galactic warden, marauder, or commander. Do you have what it takes to face an endless galaxy? are you up to the challenge? can you survive and build a legacy? Trade, build, fly, fight, scavenge, survive, dominate. StarMade is available on Steam early access, beta and their website.

Our new, clean and updated StarMade server is available now at focused on creativity and construction, light RP, adaptive PvE and galactic domination. No remote uploads and only have a few available schematics encouraging teamwork and creativity. In celebration of the new updates, server and progress and to get everyone started, we will be offering the first 100 players a creation kit or ship upload up to a heavy fighter classification. Additionally, joining and building a faction has it’s own rewards and we’ll aim to contribute to them as well.

We’ll be keeping an eye out for good builds and mods to implement to the server and AI capability as the need arises. If you wish for increased challenge or want to contribute, let us know and good luck out there!






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